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August 14, 2012
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England x Reader- Let's Go to the Beach!

"The beach! The beach!" Your two year old daughter chanted as she hopped up and down beside you.

"You're right, Alice, that's the beach," you smiled down at her excited face and chuckled as her dark green eyes widened adorably. Gosh, she looked just like her father.

"It's so pretty!"

You kneeled down to her level and kissed her on the cheek before tightening up one of her blonde pigtails that drooped from her nap in the car. She turned when you were done and faced you, putting her hands to your cheeks to pull you forward and kiss you on the nose with a "mwah!" You kissed her back on her forehead and readjusted the frilly pink one piece swimsuit she was wearing before gently picking her up, making her squeal in delight.

You looked behind you at your husband, Arthur, who was a few feet away, struggling to carry the multitude of beach supplies: the umbrella, picnic basket, toys, and towels.

"Are you doing alright back there?" You laughed.

"Just fine," he grunted, trying to balance everything in his arms. You set Alice down and went over to help him. You took the small picnic basket and Alice's toys from him, and kissed him chastely on the lips before turning back to Alice. You looked back at him to see a soft blush rising to his cheeks along with a smile. You just grinned back at him, wondering if he would ever get used to your multiple displays of affection towards him. He was your husband after all!

"Let's go Alice~!" You said, putting your hand out to her. She grasped your pinky finger with her small fist and skipped alongside you to the sand of the beach.

She slipped her pink sandals off and jumped into the sand, squatting down a bit to propel herself forward into the soft warm sand. She smiled broadly and stomped her feet, loving the new feeling on her little toes but soon stopped to scrunch her toes in and out, watching the particles disperse around her moving toes. For her first time seeing the beach, she was loving every second of it!

"Having a good time are we?" Arthur asked her with a smile.

"Uh huh!" Alice responded with a grin. She tottered over to her daddy, never looking up once from the sand until she saw his bare feet, and tugged lightly on the bottom of his navy blue swim shorts while looking up at his dark green eyes that matched hers. "Can we sit close to the water, Daddy?"

"Of course, love," he said, smiling down at her, "Here, why don't we sit right there," he said as he kneeled to her level, and pointed across the beach towards the sparkling water. There was a spot of pristine sand that was dry and just close enough to the water where you wouldn't have to move away from the tide for quite some time. The beach was surprisingly quiet for such a beautiful summer day.

"Yes, yes!" She said, clapping her hands excitedly.

You smiled when Arthur kissed her atop her head before straightening up. "That sounds perfect," you said before holding your hand out to Alice again. Instead of holding your hand, however, Alice went running at a stumbling jog across the sand, giggling as Arthur called out for her to be careful. You just smiled at Arthur as he watched his little girl run happily along the warm sand.

"It's already been two years," he said with a melancholic tone. He laughed suddenly though. "I never thought I'd be one of those sentimental parents, and here I am sounding like she's already grown up."

"She has grown fast though," you said.

Arthur nodded before shifting the umbrella and towels he was still holding to his left side, and took your hand in his. "And I've loved every second of it," he said, kissing your hand before walking down to the water, with your hand in his. You smiled at the fact of how perfect your life was with Arthur and Alice. You couldn't ask for a better man to spend the rest of your life with or a more perfect daughter that would grow up under the care of two loving parents.

You looked up ahead at Alice, who was now stopped dead in her tracks. She had reached the water's edge and looked timidly at the gentle laps of the moving water, her hands clenched at her side and her head tilted forward, trying her hardest to peer at the moving water to see if there was anything beneath the gentle swells.

You chuckled and set down the picnic basket on the towel that Arthur had just laid down, and took off your cover up to reveal your favorite swimsuit. You went over to where Alice was still standing.

"What do you see, Alice?"

"I don't know," she said quietly. "Are there monsters in here, like the ones in the stories Daddy tells me?"

You smiled knowingly at Arthur, who had now shed his grey t-shirt and come up on the other side of Alice. He laughed sheepishly.

"But what about mermaids, you like them don't you Alice?"

"Mermaids…?" Alice gasped.

Nice save, you mouthed. Arthur just gave you a playful smirk before kneeling down next to her.

"Oh that's right, I haven't told you about them yet," Arthur said. Alice looked at him in wonderment, her big eyes shining in the bright sunlight. She loved the stories that Arthur weaved for her. "Mermaids are beautiful women who have fish tails instead of legs, and they have wonderful singing voices that you can hear if you listen closely," he explained. "If a mermaid is out of the water too long, however, they lose their tail and look like they're human until they go back into the ocean again."

"Is Mommy a mermaid?" She asked Arthur in amazement. "She's so pretty and she sings sweet songs to me every night!"

"She'll have trouble convincing me otherwise," Arthur said, looking up at you with a loving smile.

Your face heated up, and not because of the warmth of the sun. You giggled softly and gave Arthur and Alice a warm smile before stepping lightly into the cold water.

"I'm not a mermaid, see?" You stirred the water around with your feet a little to convince her. The baffled look on her face told you she was still waiting for your legs to transform into a tail. "Come in the water, Alice, there's no need to be afraid~!"

"Ok," she said a bit timidly. You held your hand out to her and she took it gratefully. Once her small feet were in the water, she looked up and gave you her biggest smile and giggled. "It's cold!" She exclaimed, leaning down to put her free hand in the water to splash a bit.

You could hear Arthur laugh and you smiled down at your daughter who was now curiously looking out towards the horizon. Arthur came into the water to join you and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on the crook of your shoulder.

"Perfect day, isn't it?" He asked.

"It is," you sighed, bringing your free hand up to cup his cheek. "We couldn't ask for a better one~"

"Not at all," he responded, kissing you on the cheek.

You could have stayed like that forever; the cold water lapping gently at your legs accompanied by the warmth of your husband's body against you, and the reassuring pressure of your daughter's little hand in yours. You closed your eyes and let out a content sigh, taking in all of these wonderful aspects of your life. If only I could stay like this forever…

You suddenly felt a small pull at your hand.

"Mommy, I'm hungry!" Alice said, pulling you a bit towards the towel where the picnic basket and umbrella were set up.

Quiet moments are rare, but beautiful~

After lunch, Alice sat in her daddy's lap, happily licking at a grape popsicle that Arthur held for her, somehow getting it to dribble all down her chin and arms. For being a bit of a neat freak, Arthur didn't mind at all and just chuckled at the mess she was making, glad that she was having such a good time even though the sticky purple stains were running along his arm now as well. When she was finished, he picked her up in one gentle scoop and settled her in the crook of his arm.

"Time to get you cleaned up," he said, poking her nose before going down to the water to wash her up.

You watched him carry her off and set her down by the water's edge. He scooped some of the cool water into his hands and washed it over her arms, making her squeal at the coldness. She retaliated by splashing him as best she could, but only managed to get his legs. He scooped her up playfully and tickled her, squeals of delight filling the warm air, before he wiped her mouth clean with his hand. She kissed him on the cheek and Arthur looked up to catch you watching them. He gave you a grin and looked down at Alice, directing her attention towards you. You waved happily at the two of them.

"Wave to Mummy," he said to her, looking back at you. She waved to you so cutely, giggling when Arthur praised her.

"You're as cute as a button~!" you exclaimed to Alice when Arthur eased her into your arms, and she wrapped her arms around you to give you a tight hug, resting her head on your chest to nestle closer into your embrace. You stroked her head a few times, and before you knew it her back rose up and down slowly in deep breaths as she let sleep take over her little body. Arthur got her green bunny towel from your beach bag and gently covered her sleeping form.

"Thank you," you whispered.

"My pleasure, love," he said softly and kissed you on the lips before getting his book to read beside you. He tilted it so you could read with him while Alice napped. You leaned in towards Arthur so that your shoulders touched and stayed like that for over an hour in pure bliss.

After Alice awoke, you and Arthur taught her how to make sandcastles with plastic cups, and before the sun began to set, she made enough sandcastles to surround the towels you were sitting on. On each one, Arthur helped her carefully place a seashell or stone on the top of the lopsided structures. She grinned joyfully as she showed you her hard work.

The sun was about halfway down at this point, sending long shadows and orange hues across the cooling sand. The clouds on the horizon were dyed soft shades of pink and blue, changing every minute as the sun sank lower and lower into the water.

"The sun is setting!" Alice exclaimed in a bittersweet tone. It was such a beautiful sight, but she knew it meant returning home.

"We'll come to the beach many more times, Alice," you said to her reassuringly. She nodded eagerly. "How about we count it down?"


"Start from ten, love," Arthur said, starting to count to help her. "Ten."

"Ten," she mimicked with a grin, "Nine, eight, s-seven, umm, six, five, four, ahh…"

"Th-" you prompted quietly with the beginning syllable.

"Th-three… Two! One!" she finished. "Bye bye sun!" She waved at the last sliver of sun that disappeared behind the horizon.

You looked over at Arthur, who was already smiling at you, and put your hand over his that was resting on the towel, and leaned in to kiss him. Alice's first time at the beach had been a wonderful success thanks to her perfect, loving parents.
My entry for :iconprussiaandengland:'s Summer Theme Contest~!


Fluffiness abound: proceed with caution! :iconimdeadplz:

I really love kids, they're so innocent and sweet, and oh so honest XD I think Arthur would make an amazing daddy /)u;; Just picture Fem!England as a child in this, I thought it would be quite fitting : )

Ok! Back to writing the Fairy story!! ovo/

I do not own Arthur Kirkland, Alice Kirkland, or you. I don't own the picture either, if you know the artist, please tell me! I found it here [link] (sorry Japan, I had to crop you out >u>)
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